L’├ętranger – Dirty Dudes

Edmonton Hip-Hop duo, the Dirty Dudes, has just released visuals for the first single off their upcoming project. Like all their music, it is downloadable for free on the Absurd Collective SoundCloud page, and will soon be available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. Asteroids in the Void comes out August 30th, 2017.

Trash Boy: Live at the Lo-Fi Lounge

A cluster of songs written by Trash Boy between now and 2010. His debut project, these songs were performed live in front of a crowd with a shitty little mic in the Lo-Fi lounge, a private venue in some kid’s basement. Please find the free download on our Soundcloud page.

Dirty Dudes: Dirty Since Ninety-Seven

The first mixtape by Edmonton Hip-Hop group comprised of rapper Dirty Dev and rapper/producer Michael Shrimp. Features by Trash Boy (Braedon Acuna) and Divot. This mixtape ended up driving us to get a grant worth over $2000 from Young Edmonton Grants to have a free youth art show and live performance of the tape. Please find the free download for all the songs on our Soundcloud.